What are the different solutions offered by Protact?

Protact is the only available solution for practicing Chartered Accountants and Tax Professionals which not only enables them to service their client but also allows them to manage their back-office and provide room for growing their practice. Accordingly, our solutions are divided into three categories -
a. Grow your Practice - Under this category, you can find solutions / tools which would enable you to grow your practice. Currently we have following offerings under this category
- Website Builder
- Community Service
- Client Portal
b. Service your Client - As the name suggests, solutions under this category enables you to provides various services to your clients. Current offerings are -
- Direct Tax Compliance
- Direct Tax Controversy
c. Manage your Office - Allowing you to completely handle your back-office operations, solutions under this category currently available are -
-Time Sheet & Billing
- Job Manager
- Knowledge Management
- Documents Manager

Each of these solutions have been explained in detailed in their individual pages. You can visit these pages for knowing further details.

Who can use Protact?

Protact can be used by all the practicing Chartered Accountants & Tax Professionals of India. Using the solutions provided at Protact such professionals can manage their office, serve their clients and even grow their practice.

Where do I find price for your Solutions?

Multiple solutions are provided under different phases of Grow, Service and Manage. When you select any of these solution, you will land on the selected Solution page. You will find price for the respective solution on each such solution page.

What payment methods do you offer?

We provide you multiple modes of payment, broadly divided into Online as well as Offline. Online payment can be made using the Payment Gateway provided to you on our website. This Payment Gateway accepts payment by way of Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking. You can use any of these modes to make payment. Payment is accepted in Indian Currency only. As regards Offline mode of payment, we accept cheque as well as demand draft.

What is the minimum system requirements for using Protact?

Protact is a cloud based application and can be accessed through any device, whether a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. There is no need for installing high-end servers or additional hard disk capacity. Your current available system is sufficient for using Protact. The only requirement for using Protact is a proper internet connectivity.

Can we expect any more solutions from Protact?

Certainly, yes. This is just the beginning. Our team is working on host of other solutions which would completely enrich your practice and enable you to provide quality services to your client.

Under Offline mode of payment, when will I be able to use the application?

When you opt for Offline mode of payment, we ask you to provide cheque / DD details. Once you update these information, we will provide you with the login credentials to start the application. We won't wait for the cheque to get realized. However, in an unfortunate scenario of the cheque getting unpaid, we would be forced to block the subscription.

Is it necessary to subscribe to all the solutions?

Though we recommend you to do so, you have been provided with complete freedom to select your solutions. You can start by subscribing to any one solution and then go on adding other solutions as per your comfort and requirement.

How secured is my data on your website?

We follow industry standard best practices to safeguard your personal information. All personal information sent over the Internet is in an encrypted format using Secure Socket Layers (SSL), which means that a computer hacker cannot view or alter the information while it's in transit. When you see a small lock in the bottom right or left corner of your browser window, you know your data is being encrypted for transmission. Your information is safely stored in our secure servers in an encrypted format, behind a corporate firewall. For more information, you can visit our Security Information page.

How will I know about the updates provided in the solutions?

Whenever an update is released, all the users will be intimated in their login account. So when you login to the application, you will find an envelope icon on the top of the screen, which will inform you about the updates released.

Can I subscribe for additional users at a later stage?

Yes. Initially you may subscribe for default users available with the respective module. Subsequently you can subscribe for more users for each module.

How do I register on the website?

Ours is subscription based website and hence anyone cannot register and use the application. You need to subscribe to any of our application and on successful registration we will provide you with your login credentials at your registered email address. In some instance, for our promotion, we may offer a Free Trial Offer. In such cases, you will be provided with a link to provide information and register yourself.

Can I subscribe for additional modules at a later stage?

Yes. You can start your subscription with one module and subscribe for other modules subsequently. To maintain a constant Subscription period, you will be charged proportionately for the additional module for the remaining part of the subscription period.