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Handle your client’s tax assessment proceedings with ease and full control

An excellent tool for tax professionals providing post-return filing & tax litigation services to their clients, this solution allows professionals and its office to update tax assessment proceedings including appellate and court proceedings of its clients for any period. By updating the entire chain of events, a tax professional can get

  •    Complete tax history of the client on a click of a mouse
  •    Instant information on pending matters with Tax Department
  •    Real-time Report on Tax Payable with detailed analysis
  •    Timely notification of meetings with Tax Officials

Why you should use?

Wide Coveragesolution has been designed to cover all the stages of department proceedings, viz: assessment, appellate and court proceedings

Manage and track proceedings of current as well as earlier years. Update all past pending proceedings and start keeping track of the same

Quick start tracking the matter from any stage of the proceedings with option to update & link past events at a later stage.

Builds an issue master, enabling you to analyse repetitive issues, overall stake involved w.r.t each issue, client-wise issue statistics, etc

Generates date-wise matter diary for each client and assessment year. Each entry in the case history provides detailed happening of the event

System generated mail notification & alerts, updates concerned members about the date of hearing well in advance, so that none of them miss out

Updating expenses incurred for each client proceedings helps in billing client appropriately & providing a detailed report of expenses to client


  • Covers all stages of Department proceedings, from assessment to judicial
  • Record Notices, Orders, Applications, Appeal of any period
  • Flexible enough to start proceedings from any event and back track at later stage
  • Automated email notification to the team members intimating the date of hearing
  • Complete track of information sought by the Department and submissions made
  • Covers all possible actionable against an event for the user to select and proceed
  • Create and assign tasks for actionable on receipt of Notice or Order
  • Generates date-wise Matter Diary for each client on a single click
  • Facility to engage Counsel for a particular matter
  • Track status of client proceedings for any period on real-time basis
  • Keeps track of issues under dispute at various level over different years
  • Generates a detailed analysis of Issues covered in proceedings
  • Facility to make a note of Expenses incurred during proceedings
  • Provides a detailed report on tax payable at different stage of proceedings
  • Instant report on final Tax Payable / Refundable as per the last order

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