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Access your client's tax information 24x7

An online data repository for storing tax data of all clients, this solution enables a Tax Professional to go digital in real sense. With an access to this solution, the Tax Professional can record all historical tax events, data and documents of its clients at a central location and have a bird's eye view of its client’s performance over the years.

  • Have quick access to client's data at any given point of time
  •    Have quick access to client's data at any given point of time
  •    Do away with physical files and records of clients
  •    Provide transparency to clients, as they too can have access to this information
  •    Perform high-level analysis on comparative data for better client servicing

Why you should use?

Accumulate client’s data & documents for any year at a centralized location, eliminating the need of maintaining physical files

Easy retrieval of cloud based storage and simple interface allows quick retrieval of requisite data, anytime, anywhere.

Integration with other solutions of Protact ensures that data provided in other solution is made available in repository, avoiding duplication of work

Benefit of having data of different years at central location allows easy comparisons and performing detail analysis for planning and advice

Define and generate customized reports based on the data provided for each client and save the parameters for future report generation

Get a bird's eye view of series of events for a particular client & period with facility to view corresponding documents for each event


  • Store your client’s historical tax data for any year, past or current
  • Create a tax data library for all your clients
  • Quick access to client data
  • Integration of events with existing modules
  • Build proceeding sheet for any year without providing detailed data
  • Generates comparative report of various events of the clients over the years
  • Single window view of events across taxes, for a particular client

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