Move from Traditional Practice to e-Practice

Vikas Gandhi 10 October ,2015

Today’s age is of Internet usage. Close your eyes... Think over ...

As an individual, you use internet for almost everything. Your grocery shopping, vegetable shopping, utility bills payment, travel ticket booking, movie ticket booking, hotel reservartion, purchase of electronic items, personal apparels, sale of used items, for almost every small requirement, you use internet or is possible through internet.

Even as a Tax Professionals, you cannot escape using internet. Right from registering your client with a tax authority to tax payment, issuing TDS certificate, return filing, correspondence with Tax Department, internet has taken a primary stage.

Even ICAI and other institutes are encouraging internet usage by providing e-Learning courses, holding Webinars, publishing e-Newsletter, e-Journals, etc.

If this is the scenario, and we all are aware of this, then why do we carry on our practice in the traditional manner. Our offices are full of files and documents. Our phones are always ringing, calling for some or the other information from the client or client calling us for some status update. During tax filing season, we make office our home and our home as a guest house. We are technology savvy and hence have our websites up and running. But then it is only a visiting online visiting card, I'll say.

Now imagine.....Your client, instead of sending all the documents and information physically to your office through an office boy, he logs in at your website with his login credentials, uploads all the relevant documents and information. Instantly you get a trigger of a work assignment from client. You log in to your acocunt, review documents and assign tasks to your staff and even to your client for data gathering and entering in the system. On completion of the tasks, you again get a trigger, sign in to your account, review the data, the calculation, generate return and upload to the tax authorities. Get the acknowledgement back in your account. No need to send it separately to your client. The client can view the same in his account also. Now all these activities, you, your staff or your client has done from anywhere, but not necessarily from office.

Now, is this possible? Yes. And that is what is all about. Explore the website to find more.